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A commitment that travels fast: just like us

As a transport company, we are aware of the effects that our actions generate in the environment: for this reason, every day, we choose to work to reduce its impact, especially in terms of CO² emissions. In fact, by protecting the environment, we are committed to ensuring constant protection of the health of all the people involved in our business process.

Environment and people are on focus: the drivers that lead B&B’s actions. A commitment that we believe in and that we pursue by sharing – with all stakeholders – new and stimulating sustainability goals.

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% Liquid methane (LNG) vehicles in 2021
% Of the fleet is EURO6

the remaining 10% is EURO5

Corporate group

B&B actively participates in the drafting and implementation of the La Linea Verde Group’s Sustainability Policies, guaranteeing customers, employees and collaborators the best seriousness and commitment in the sustainable development of their business.

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