120 vehicles traveling
across Europe


Throughout Italy and along the main European routes

Thanks to a fleet of 75 owned vehicles and 45 directly managed, we guarantee a fast and flexible transport service throughout Italy and along the main European routes. The technologies to support the management of logistics flows allow us to monitor each trip, intervening promptly with changes, in the event of breakdowns or anomalies.

01. Fleet

The owned fleet, consisting of 120 vehicles in total, is traveling throughout Europe daily.

02. Product categories

We have invested in solutions that can guarantee an optimal transport of fresh, very fresh, frozen and products at room temperature.



Of vehicles and service. Our vehicles are at the forefront and converted to the latest transport technologies. Our drivers are trained in compliance with the law.


Tracking on time

Thanks a software that allows optimal operational management of the fleet, we are in constant communication with all vehicles. We monitor their movements, ensuring efficient and timely interventions: for safe and smooth travel.



We go everywhere. We are organized for pick-up and deliveries throughout the national territory, including the islands. We also guarantee widespread transport in the main European states.


Last mile

Through a tailor-made transport service, we can also manage the last mile phase, that is, the transfer of goods from the logistics hub to their final destination, quickly and safely, even in minimal quantities. An important step for the delivery of products to our customers.